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ENSEEIHT 2, Rue Charles Camichel 31071 Toulouse Cedex 7, FRANCE Office: I-208 dehais {AT} enseeiht [dot] fr +33 (0)561 588 272 +33 (0)684 475 769 (mobile phone)

About me

In June 2003 I graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from the French Grande École ENSEEIHT. The same year I also obtained a DEA (Master's Degree) from INPT University of Toulouse, France.

During my thesis I worked at IRIT as a member of the VORTEX team. I obtained my Ph.D. in May 2008. My research director was Alain Ayache and I was advised by Géraldine Morin, Vincent Charvillat and Pr. Jean-Pierre Jessel.

Since June 2008, I work as an R&D engineer at startup FittingBox.


My main research interest is visual tracking and its applications to augmented reality systems. For more details, see the dedicated page.


During my Ph.D., I was a teaching assistant at ENSEEIHT and helped in several courses:


One of my hobbits is making things fly, either with my father or with the amazing Bertrand.

I support OSS and when time permits, contribute to some.